L4L: Psalms and Prayers

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This event finished on 09 June 2019


“God, It’s Me Again”

A Workshop Series on Prayer and the Psalms

The workshop sessions will include learning about the practice of family psalm reading and discovering patterns of prayer in the Psalms and other scriptures. You will have opportunity to share you own prayer experiences, both the good and the problematic, as well as questions about prayer, and about encountering the Lord in the Psalms. You will be invited to consider what may be new attitudes and aspects of prayer and ways of using the scriptures to inform and enrich your prayer practices.

Using the Psalms is a great way to pray. These wonderful examples of Hebrew poetry come from worship services, important celebrations and historical events, songs of thanksgiving, deeply felt prayers of petition, and powerfully moving expressions of sorrow and even despair, which end up in professions of hope and trust. They can be a tremendous help to us in our own journey. And, since there are 150 of them, they can be a good “go to” prayer, when we are feeling dry and looking for something with powerful faith and emotion, to get us started. They are intimate with God, full of feelings and concrete reality, which we can easily relate to and adapt to our own situation.
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Join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 as we learn how to read and pray through a selection of the Psalms. Facilitated by Reade Holtslander, Dell Bornowsky and others.

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