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This event finished on 06 September 2020

A Study of the First Epistle of Peter

August 2 to September 6

The First Epistle of Peter focuses on suffering, persecution, and glory.

The apostle Peter was one of the twelve disciples Jesus appointed and taught during his time on earth. Peter spent the final years of his life and ministry as a leader of the church in Rome. When he learned that churches in other Roman provinces (all located in what is now Turkey) were experiencing persecution, he wrote to urge them to remain faithful to Jesus. Although Peter wrote it about 60 A.D., it provides Christians with a fuller understanding of the present sufferings and the glories to come.

This class will be exploring what this epistle has to say to us today about our identity as believers and as a church, and how we should live in a society in which following Jesus increasingly puts one at odds with the surrounding society. Some of the questions we will be exploring include:

  1. How do we apply a letter written for a first-century community in a very different modern context? What lessons does it hold for us?
  2. 1 Peter is rich in metaphoric imagery. How do we deal with the ambiguity of Scripture passages which may have both literal and metaphoric meanings, or in which we are unsure which is intended?
  3. What does 1 Peter have to say to us as a modern North American church about our treatment of refugees and immigrants?
  4. What does 1 Peter teach us about the role of suffering in the life of the believer?
  5. What does 1 Peter have to teach us about how we live in our social relationships?
  6. What insights does 1 Peter give us into the core doctrines of the early church?

This class will run for 6 weeks (August 2 until September 6)

Bryan Orthner will be leading this class.


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