L4L: Hope

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This event finished on 17 March 2019

How do we live well when we no longer have all the things we used to think of as comprising a “good” life?

Annabel Robinson, our facilitator, says

“When I preached on Ecclesiastes in September, I shared something that was on my heart, and still is. I said:

‘As we get older we can also be gripped by another fear–not so much of death as of what may happen to us before we die: loss of memory, dementia, Alzheimer’s, losing our driver’s license, loss of independence, loss of ability to do the things we love doing. I speak from experience: arthritis keeps me from playing the violin; bad knees prevent me from walking; my own memory isn’t what it was and I wonder at times where all this is leading.

What does our faith in Jesus Christ have to say about all this?’

In this class we will follow up those comments. It’s for people of all ages, because the more we think about these things when we’re younger the better we will be able to live well when we’re older, not to mention the fact that trouble may strike us at any time. It’s my hope that there will be a dynamic interaction among people who come—or lurk online. This will be more of a guided conversation than a regular class. You can start by emailing me suggestions or comments:


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