FBC Retreat

Katepwa Lake Camp, October 18-20

Mark your calendars for this relaxing weekend with plenty of time for visiting, hiking, games, prayer, resting or taking part in outdoor activities as you please. Worship Friday evening and Sunday morning, with two retreat sessions on Saturday.

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Cost – $50, 
(suggested), no cost for young children


Located at Katepwa Lake Camp (click for map, or see map below) in the beautiful Qu’Appelle Valley near Fort Qu’Appelle.

Dates and Times

7:00 pm Friday, October 18th until 2:00 pm Sunday, October 20th.

What to Bring

Warm bedding (sheets, blankets or sleeping bag), warm clothes for outdoors, good walking shoes, swim suits (for the brave), toiletries, flashlight, Bible, indoor and outdoor games to share (board games, sports equipment, etc.), snack to share (eg: 2 doz cookies, muffins, etc.). Rooms are available, or bring your tent or trailer.

What We’ll be Doing

This will be a weekend of relaxing, playing and praying with other people from your extended church family. It will include a mix of planned activities and free time.

  • Friday evening campfire
  • Saturday group sessions and free time for fishing, canoeing, sports, hikes, prayer, reading, board games, chats, etc.
  • Sunday morning worship
  • Meals through to Sunday afternoon