Christmas Glory Reflections


Advent Season 2022

First Baptist Church Regina has a long music tradition which includes our “Christmas Glory” concerts every Christmas season for the past few decades.

This Advent season, we would like to share with you a number of our previous Christmas Glories… share the extraordinary Christmas message of what took place so many years ago… through bells, carols, choirs, instrumental and vocal numbers, narration, and much more!

Please join us in reliving these concerts in our Reflections of Christmas Glory.

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Reflections of Christmas Glory

[2002 Programme]  [2010 Programme]

[2013 Programme]  [2015 Programme]

[2016 Programme]  [2017 Programme]

[2019 Programme]  [2020 Programme]

We also presented LIVE “Christmas Glory 2020” on December 13th at 7:00 p.m.

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