April 2024

Salvation and History          History is not incidental to God’s salvation. Jesus’ story can’t be told well apart from history. He came into the story of the Hebrew people and many others as well, Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, or Romans, to name a few. As well, Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is understood […]

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March 2024

Faith and Doubt           The resurrection of Jesus is a big claim and not the easiest to accept. Understandably, many ask themselves if that could really have happened. Jesus’ contemporaries found it just as incredible as we do. There are good reasons to accept that Jesus rose from the dead just as

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February 2024

Lent: Helpful or Harmful?           Baptists are cautious about treating special days, seasons, or Christian practices as necessary observances. We want to avoid becoming legalistic or Pharisaical but we also want to avoid saying, “Whatever works for you.” The debate between Jesus and the Pharisees might be helpful for us. The

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January 2024

Preparing for the Future            The calendar is turning again and another year has fallen away. Some are indifferent. For others, it is a chance to change. Some may feel trapped in a a cycle where nothing changes. Still others feel more keenly the uncertainty and instability in our world as

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December 2023

Preparing for Jesus            Over the last few weeks we’ve been reflecting on the return of Jesus while reading through Paul’s first letter to the church in Thessalonica. Advent was approaching and is now upon us, and the lessons were good preparation. When I told Carol Hepting that these lessons were

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