Youth Together



We encourage youth to identify ways they can connect with the Church and their local community. We will use some of our events and Bible study times to envision what we believe, what that looks like for us, and think about ways we want to serve.

  • December 1st: Meet at the Senger house for study and hang out time and snacks.
  • December 8th: Meet at First Baptist for life sized Dutch Blitz and Capture the Flag  – 7:00-9:00 – Please bring $2 to cover the cost of the event
  • December 15th: Christmas Party, caroling and gift exchange! Meet at the Senger house at 7:00. We will go caroling and then come back and warm up with hot chocolate and snacks. Bring a small gift that is worth under $10 for our gift exchange.
  • December 22nd: WINTER BREAK – no youth
  • December 29th: WINTER BREAK – no youth
  • January, 2018: It’s a New Year!

Warm Welcome to Chris Senger

fbcevent_ChrisSenger1Chris is overseeing our youth ministry. He has been a full-time teacher with junior and senior high teens in Saskatchewan, Kuwait, and Nigeria over the past 10 years. He brings years of experience of ministering to teens through two churches. He also helped create and run Urban Adventure Camps and was a Program Director and an Executive Director at Katepwa Lake Camp. Chris enjoys spending his time with family and friends. He is an experienced hiker and has a passion for theology and reading going back to his days at Bible College.

Chris will be ensuring that discipleship, service, and fellowship continue among our teens on a weekly basis over the coming year, in coordination with our volunteers and parents.  (306) 216-5729.

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    • Fri, Dec 15, 7:00 pm