Background — The Green Stole

The Stole

At First Baptist Church Regina our ministers wear both a preaching robe and a stole. The stole is a piece of cloth which goes around the neck and down the front of the preaching robe.


The stole is an ancient Christian garment representing the towel which Jesus took to wash the feet of his disciples (John 13.1-15) as an example of what true greatness meant — service to others. (In fact the word “minister” actually means “servant”).

Church Calendar Colours

The colour of the stole worn depends on the season of the church calendar. (The church has its own calendar, different from the civil calendar. It helps us remember that our values as Christians, and what we think is important differs from our wider society.) During “ordinary” time, when there are no major feasts or fasts the colour is green.

Stole Decorations

The decorations on the stole are often a personal choice of the minister. Dr. McKim’s stole is pictured here. It features a Maple Leaf and Purple Violet, which are reflective of his Canadian and New Brunswick roots. A Rose and Thistle are featured on the other side (not shown), reflecting his English and Scottish ancestry. These are topped by a Celtic Cross. The circle around the centre of the cross represents the world or the universe conquered by the love shown by Jesus at the cross.

A fuller description of the Church Calendar and Colours is given here.


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