What to Expect

As a visitor to the church, you may wonder what to expect on your first visit.

FBC Regina Church - SW view through park

What happens when I arrive?

We trust that you’ll feel welcome and at ease as you are greeted. Ushers will answer any questions you might have and provide you with a service bulletin. Visitors are welcomed but not singled out. No one will ask you to stand up or raise your hand and identify yourself.

What will the worship service be like?

The architecture provides a hint of what to expect. There is an appreciation for fine lines, grand music, solid traditions as well as contemporary excursions. The reading of Scripture and solid teaching are central to our worship. We follow a given order of worship, detailed in the service bulletin which you will be given when you arrive, so you will know what is happening next. Bibles (blue cover) and hymn books (brown cover) are provided. In addition to the ministers, lay members of the church are almost always involved in leadership roles during the worship service.

What other people will I meet, how should I dress?

Because of our location we receive guests from all walks of life and cultures. Some dress casually, others more formally. Internationals sometimes add a burst of colour by dressing in their country’s finest. Dress comfortably in a way that expresses your own values, accept the wide variety of attire in others, and you’ll fit in just fine.

Photos of church architecture

First Sunday of each month

We celebrate Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month.  If you confess Jesus Christ as your Lord  you are welcome to receive the bread and wine, regardless of what denomination of which you may be a part.  These first Sundays are genuine celebrations as both of our congregations (English speaking and New Friends in Christ, former refugees from Burma) join together on these days. So on first Sundays and high feast days in the church calendar (Christmas, Easter, Pentecost), while the service is mostly in English, you will be joining with folk from a dozen or more nations, multiple ethnic groups and languages gathered together in unity because of Jesus Christ. Often on these Sundays you will be treated to a choir anthem sung in Karen sung in four part harmony!

What about children?

There is a solid focus on children here. On most Sundays, early in the worship service, there is a children’s blessing and story time. Children may then leave the sanctuary to continue worship in the lower auditorium in age-appropriate Godly play and Rotation Workshop Oasis during the remainder of the service. We have a nursery for young children. All children’s workers are screened.

What if I want to connect further?

There are visitor cards which you can drop in the offering plate near the end of the service. The ministers will be at the rear doors of the church after the service and would love to greet you personally. Or stay and enjoy yourself and get to know us for a few minutes. This “Time for Friends” in the lower auditorium provides a great opportunity for getting to know each other over beverages and cookies. Our church office is open Monday to Thursdays 9:00-4:00 (during July and August, 9:00 to noon). But it is best to call ahead to be sure they are available when you visit. Feel free to click on the “Let’s Communicate” link on this page.


We are situated in the heart of downtown Regina, on the south edge of Victoria Park. Click on Map & Directions at the right side of the page for further details.


There is plenty of on-street parking. Metered parking is free on Sunday. The Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame allows us to use their parking lot, which is on the east side of our church, on Sundays. The parking lot south of the Youth Centre is privately owned and not available for parking at any time. The church is an easy 15 minute walk from most downtown locations. There is reserved parking for people with disabilities on the west side of the church, which provides direct access for our elevator.


Please click on the Calendar of Events (right sidebar menu) to see the schedule for Sunday School, Learning for Life, Sunday Morning Worship and other events. For further details click on Ministries & Events in the right sidebar menu.


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