February 5 2023

Pastoral Staff Update       

Cheryl and Joel are attending a denomination retreat from February 6 to 8th, joining pastors from across Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Kayely is unable to attend this year, so she and Esther will be around to handle anything that comes up.

Kayely and Cheryl have been planning and running a study Monday evenings with a group of women. It is going very well. Since Norma’s retirement, Joel and Kayely are taking turns leading the weekly Bible study at First Baptist Place. Each week, Chris has a Bible study or special event for our teens. Recently, he and Christie hosted the youth in their home.

High on our list of to-dos has been getting repairs done to our organ. Hopefully, by the time you read this, the repairs will be scheduled or even complete. Beyond this immediate need, Roger Bellows has volunteered to oversee a long term plan for the renewal of our pipe organ.

There are about twenty long-time members and adherents of our church in longterm care and another dozen for whom getting out is difficult. We try to visit a few people each week. Anytime we know someone is in hospital, we come by to listen and to pray with them. Please let us know when you hear of someone from our congregation who is in hospital. We also try to sit down with a few other folks each week, in their homes or ours, or out for coffee.

It means so much to all of us to know that we can be there for one another. Whether or not you feel you need support, the practice of intentionally involving the church is important. When we call someone from the congregation for a visit, it is a way of choosing to seek and involve God in our lives. Your pastors have time for this. Getting out for visits has been difficult for the last few years, but we are moving in a better direction. We don’t always get it right but we know the kind of people we are aiming to become, together: people who know and care for each other, and people who pray.

Yours with love,

Pastor Joel



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