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This is a special Voice event!

David Kitz will be live at 91 Windfield Road (Annabel Robinson’s home). David will do readings from the book, visiting, perhaps wearing his ‘centurion” costume. This will preclude a Voice session this week. (i.e. no Voice session on April 4th)

Voice is a women’s literature group which meets every two weeks on Wednesday evening. We discuss a book related to our spiritual journey.

Reading and discussing literature is a way of understanding our society, and how as Christians to relate intelligently to our ever changing world. We often gain insights about ourselves when we read. This is one way we can “love the Lord with our minds” and truly “Think First.” And it’s just plain fun too!

What are we reading?

We are reading “The Soldier Who Killed a King” by David Kitz.

It is an account of the Passion Story, narrated by the centurion who was on duty during the clash between pagan Rome and the temple Jewish hierarchy at the time of Christ in about 30 A.D. This is not a bland retelling of the familiar story, but a gripping story told in novel form.

Meeting Details

If you are interested in joining Voice or just want more info – please talk to Laureen Snook (306-757-8403) or Martha Pauls (306-586-7015).

This event is open to any woman who has / would like to read this book, get to meet the author, would like to meet new people and join in fellowship and fun.

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