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This event finished on 26 July 2020

“Breaking our Idols” A Study of the Book of Ecclesiastes

April 19 to July 26

This class will look at some of the themes in Ecclesiastes and where these are picked up in the teaching of Jesus and the NT Epistles. The challenge will be in looking at some potential idols in our lives and/or our culture. These, according to Ecclesiastes, include such things as wealth, status, power, relationships, pleasure, wisdom, and even religion itself. During this season of instability and uncertainty, where do we find meaning and hope? In what do we put our trust?

The answer in Ecclesiastes to breaking our idols is to “fear God and keep his commandments” or, in the words of Jesus, to “seek first the Kingdom of God.” This class will look at identifying potential idols in our lives and then look at how we can reorient our lives around the Lord our God.

This class will run for at least 10 weeks (April 19 to June 28 and possibly into the summer)

Pastor Richard Hovey will be leading this class.


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