Achievers Luncheon – Nov 26 2020

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If you are 55 years and older, this enthusiastic group is for YOU!
Anticipation • Celebration • Humor • Inspiration • Enlightenment • Vibrancy • Excitement • Reconnection • Spirituality


Thursday, November 26, 2020, Noon-1:00pm. Mark your calendars now!
(We meet every 4th Thursday, September – April, except December)

  • Cost: NO COST… we will meet virtually via Zoom   [CLICK TO JOIN]
  • Menu: You will be providing you own luncheon delights. Perhaps you would consider inviting a friend over to share a meal or dessert during the talk.
  • What: The luncheon begins with a warm welcome, announcements, humor, a devotional, and prayer of the meal. Followed by our guest speaker with an interesting topic.
  • Who: This event is open to both church communities and the community at large.


“The Baptists are coming! The Baptists are coming!”

Speakers: Edie & Doug Hilts

Doug and Edie Hilts are the black sheep of their families. They left the ‘center of the universe’, Ontario, and came west to Saskatchewan.

The rest of their family still lives in there. They even managed to convince their family that the road runs both ways between Ontario and Sask and most have now visited us and the prairies.





Email:  or 306-359-1450 ext 223 or ext 221

Previous Presentations

Visit the Achievers website to view upcoming and previous luncheons and events.

Many of these presentations can be viewed and heard on the Folks at First website page. Carolyn Ward, Kevin Rich, John Hillmer, Barry Lyons, Ivy Scobie, Irene Sotropa, Timothy Long, Ron Philips, John Nelson, Rod Donnison, and many others.

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