Folks at First – Collin Carbno

An Interview with Collin Carbno

You can read the interview included in our February 2019 newsletter.

Collin, we know you in the church as chairperson of the diaconate. But I know there is much more to you as a person. Tell us something about your growing up, and your family.

I am an only child. My mother was a music teacher who began playing the church organ at 14 years old in a small town of Cyric SK. My father was a University professor in Educational Psychology and Measurement. My paternal great grandfather was a Pentecostal preacher who hailed from Belfast, Ireland, so my father grew up in the Pentecostal church.

We moved around a lot as a family as I grew up. I was born at Balcarres SK, but we lived near Fort Qu’Appelle where my father taught. When my father later became professor in Brandon, MB, I went to high school and University there: I obtained a B.A. in Physics and Mathematics. Later, I obtained a Master’s degree and became a PhD. student at the University of Regina, where I met my wife Shirley.

My mother led me to the Lord when I was five years old, and I never really looked back. For my sixteenth birthday, I got a copy of the Bible, which I read cover to cover. Because our church became liberal, we tried out a number of churches, finally settling on a Swedish Baptist church.

I had a notion that I wanted to be a pastor, but my father thought it wasn’t a good idea, given my temperament. He gently directed me away from that choice of career. In university I had become involved with the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship to the point of becoming part of a leadership team, leading up to seven Bible studies a week.

I believe you are now retired from your profession. What was that profession and how did you happen to choose it? What about it did you most enjoy?

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Interviewer: Esther Wiens

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