We recognize that growth in our Christian lives is individual. We have unique aptitudes, interests and schedules. And yet we all need the basics – regular times of Bible study, prayer, reflection, worship and fellowship.

We provide this list as a resource for those already following Jesus Christ and for those still seeking Him out.

Many of these resources, and others, are available in the First Baptist Church Library.

Please note that many contributors to the overall FBC Regina website, including leadership people, often include favourite books, films, etc. with their bios or articles.

A listing on this page does not indicate blanket endorsement by First Baptist Church Regina of all the activities or position statements of the organizations or individuals listed.

  Online Recommendations

Bible Study & Personal Growth


Smart Phone/Tablet Apps



Devotions for adults

Questions, Answers, Devotionals for Teens & Young Adults

For Children

Critique of Modern Culture

Movie, TV & Book Reviews

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  Personal Recommendations

Making the Gospel Clear


The Basics

Hard Questions

Stewardship – Financial, Talents


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Pure Enjoyment

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Biographies & True Life

Children’s Books

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 Children’s Media

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 For Youth 

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FBC Authors


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