Our vision for this website is to lead people to life-changing discipleship and joyous fellowship with God and each other. “Taste and see that the Lord is good…” – Psalm 34:8


Our goal is to provide a website that:

  1. is a Borderland place – one that communicates in the language and culture of a wide range of non-believers and believers alike.
  2. conveys a sense of the life of this church, not just facts and events.
  3. clearly conveys the message of the good news of Christ, and invites people to participate in life with Him.
  4. builds disciples by clearly teaching the Word of God and the way of life of a true follower.
  5. leads people to understand that life in Christ makes a positive life-changing difference
    a) in relationships (belonging),
    b) in correct thinking (which leads to wise living),
    c) in purpose in life (make a difference).
  6. is accessed by a maximum number of visitors, and is easy to navigate and use in a variety of situations on a multitude of devices.
  7. communicates in an efficient and appealing manner, engages readers, and invites guests to visit on at least a weekly basis.
  8. invites people to connect with us, check us out in person, and eventually to find “belonging” in this Christ’s local body in Regina.

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