Four Little Words

Listen to the sermon Barbara Mutch

Worship Service11:00 am

Bulletin: Bulletin September 8
NewsletterSeptember Newsletter

Scriptures: Psalm 80; Mark 4.35-41; Hebrews 11.29 – 12.3


Barbara Mutch

This Sunday’s worship service is full, with organ and choir returning, our children’s programs resuming, an interview with IVCF’s regional director Rachelle Lowe, and a special guest preacher, Rev Dr Barbara Mutch.

Dr Mutch began her years of ministry at First Baptist Regina and made a lasting impact on our discipleship and community. She has since been a professor and provided leadership at Carey Baptist Seminary, and now serves the North American church through the Association of Theological Schools as the Director of Accreditation.

The Goal of Acts

Listen to the sermon Joel Russell-MacLean

Worship Service: 10:00 am

Bulletin: Bulletin September 1
Newsletter: September Newsletter

Scriptures: Psalm 119.9-15, Acts 28.16-17, 21-31


Joel Russell-MacLean

Storms, Shipwreck, & Safety

Listen to the sermon Norma Holtslander

Worship Service10:00 am

Bulletin: Bulletin Aug 25
NewsletterJune 2019 Newsletter

Scriptures: Psalm 107.25-30, Acts 26.32-28


Norma Holtslander


Believing the Gospel

Listen to the sermon Richard Hovey

Worship Service10:00 am

Bulletin: August 18 2019
Newsletter: June 2019 Newsletter

Scriptures: Psalm 80, Acts 26:1-29


Richard Hovey

Paul was living a life opposed to the Gospel, opposed to Jesus Christ, and opposed to those who followed Jesus. Paul not only opposed these things mildly, but with violence and persistence. What things do you oppose in your life or through the way you live? Are there elements of your life that are in opposition to Jesus?

Paul had a rather direct experience with Jesus which reoriented his priorities and purposes in life. After this encounter with Jesus, Paul began to defend his new found belief in the Gospel – his belief in Jesus Christ and his fellowship with other believers. The good news about Jesus became the cornerstone of Paul’s life moving forward. Have you had an experience with Jesus? Has he become the central truth and reality of your life?

Paul began to preach – not only for the purpose of proclamation of truth but with a hope and a desire that through his preaching others might come to believe, that others might come to reorient their lives around Jesus Christ. Yes, that they might become like Paul and believe in the Gospel. Are there people in your life that you proclaim the good news of Jesus to? Are there people you hope will believe?

The song “We are the Reason” is one which has come to mean a lot to me over the years and calls me to share the gift of Christ. You can listen to it here.

Within the Family of God

Listen to the sermon Dell Bornowsky

Worship Service10:00 am

Bulletin: bulletin Aug 11
NewsletterJune 2019 Newsletter

Scriptures: Psalm 33.12-22; Acts 20.16-28


Dell Bornowsky

The Grotto of Saint Paul in Ephesus

The Grotto of Saint Paul in Ephesus

As the Gospel spreads and churches grow throughout Asia Minor, Paul leaves Ephesus where he has been pastoring for about 3 years and travels through Greece and Macedonia visiting churches there.  Then in a bit of a rush to get to Jerusalem in time for Pentecost he stops at Miletus long enough to give a farewell address to his fellow elders from the Ephesus church.

Paul summarizes his ministry with them, and speaks of his continued commitment to give his life in order to fulfil the ministry he received Jesus.  Indeed prophetic predictions have been foretelling that imprisonment and persecutions await him in Jerusalem.

Paul reminds the elders that the Holy Spirit has given them responsibility to shepherd the flock of God’s people.  He warns that others will come with distorted messages and entice disciples to follow them.  He reminds them that just as he was certainly not in the ministry for the money they should follow his example of being blessed by giving rather than just receiving.

What ministries have each of us been given by the Lord Jesus? 

Have we given our lives to the Lord Jesus just in theory or do we, like Paul, experience a daily and deep emotional commitment to the family of God? 

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