Woe to Those at Ease

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Bulletin: Bulletin September 29
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Scriptures: Amos scripture readingPsalm 10; Mark 10.41-45


Joel Russell-MacLean

We have been treated this week to scenes of a sixteen year old passionately scolding national leaders and representatives on some of the largest public platforms. Being confronted on camera by a composed, well-spoken teenager from another country does not seem to be a situation a world leader would seek out. How to respond?

The prophet Amos had a similar impact. Amos was a farmer and rancher and came to Israel from their neighbouring country, Judah. He bluntly exposed the treatment of the most vulnerable and the injustice and corruption that infected everything. He warned Israel their wealth and security could not last given how they were living.

Few of the elite in Israel’s capital enjoyed listening to a farmer from another country telling them how things ought to be done.

Amos preached at the same time as Hosea. Hosea focused more on worship, international politics, and marriage and fidelity. Amos narrowed his attention to the impact wealth was having on how people were treating each other.

The problem was the way the people treated spirituality and worship was intertwined, interconnected with problems in the neighbourhoods, in national behaviour, and in their own lives. And these problems were going to lead to the collapse of the nation and to terrible suffering.

God back then and now is paying attention to how people use money and possessions. God is always likewise paying attention to how the most vulnerable are treated.

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