Why? Why Not?

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Worship Service11:00 am

Bulletin: June 23
Newsletter:2019 June Newsletter

Scriptures: 2 Kings 5:1-15, Acts 3:1-11


Rev. John Nelson

Jesus was known as The Healer of all physical and mental diseases, but he did not always use that power.  WHY did Jesus sometimes ask people if they believed, before he healed them? WHAT was the most important purpose for the miracles of healing?  WHY is it that many times on our life journey we face the reality of unanswered prayers? Is there a purpose behind some unanswered prayers? HOW should you respond to someone who is facing life challenges?   Acts 3: 1-11 will help us answer such questions as these as we reflect upon the relationships of Sin & Sickness, Faith & Healing, and finding and accepting the possibility of God’s Purpose in life’s challenges.

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