What Choice Do We Have?

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Bulletin: November 18, 2018

Newsletter: November 2018

Scripture: Esther 5-9


Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean

Esther was one of many Jewish women now scattered through the Persian Empire. She lived in a man’s world, under the attention of the most powerful man of the times. Esther was also a Jew at a time where their survival, and the survival of their faith, was uncertain. How much choice did she have?

As with the women in Ruth, Esther was not as powerless as a reader might imagine given her identity and culture. Undoubtedly, Esther is among the more heroic figures in the bible. The bible gives us no indication if Esther had a sense of God’s leading but she risked her life to do what she could.

Many Christians these days feel like they live in a hostile culture. Are we powerless, or do we have choices to make?

God has placed us in this time and place. What is God calling us to do?

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