To Hinder or Hear

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Bulletin: July 21 2019
Newsletter: June 2019 Newsletter

Scriptures: Jonah 3, Psalm 15, Acts 11:1-18


Richard Hovey

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The gospel is for everyone. This may sound obvious and perhaps quite simple – and might even be something you’ve said yourself. Yet do we stop to think about the implications of this: first, what is this gospel that is for everyone? and secondly, who is everyone? Often we mold the gospel of Jesus Christ into our own context; this might be the broad context of our geographical location (our North American context) or the narrower context of our local church. What is the gospel that is for everyone?

A further question to ask is this: are we okay with a gospel that is for everyone? Jonah was displeased (angry) that the grace and love of God would be extended to the people of Nineveh. When Peter had shared the gospel with the Gentiles and they accepted it and were gifted with the Holy Spirit, some of the believers were critical – concerned, displeased. Will we hear the heart of God with the gospel that is for everyone or will we hinder the heart of God with a gospel that is for us?

Prayer “Open Me” by Shawn MacDonald

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