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Bulletin:  April 28, second Sunday of Easter
NewsletterApril 2019

Scriptures:Isaiah 40.3-5, Psalm 25.1-7, Luke 24.13-27


Rev. John Hillmer

Maximino Cerezo Barredo (1932–), “Emmaus,” 2002.

On the third day of Jesus’ death, two of his friends walked to Emmaus. A stranger joined them and they opened up about their confusion and grief.

As the stranger spoke with them, their hearts burned within them.

Who was he? What did he tell them?

Come out as we continue to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection throughout the great 50 days of Easter.

Where does your knowledge of the resurrection come from? a. Hollywood b. Hallmark c. Bible

Take the quiz below and find out.

Resurrection Quiz!

Christians Wrong about Heaven“, An interview with Tom Wright

Death Be Not Proud by John Donne

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