The Things That Make for Peace

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Bulletin: April 14 Palm Sunday
NewsletterApril 2019

Scriptures: Psalm 118, Philippians 2.5-11, Luke 19.35-48


Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean

What leads to peace?

The angels proclaimed, “peace on earth,” at Jesus’ birth. After his resurrection, Jesus blessed his friends and said, “My peace, I give you.”

In between, Jesus modelled and taught his friends to eat with others, to forgive and be reconciled, to make restitution, to give away wealth in the interest of relationship, to be humble people and to take responsibility for failure, not to judging others, to treat “outsiders” with love, to love their neighbours, to pray, and to fast.

None of this sounds radical or surprising but there was one more thing about how Jesus lived.

Jesus was obedient to his death on the cross. Obedient to whom? There was no law that instructed Jesus to die for others.

Jesus was born as a human, the form of a servant of God. There is knowing right and wrong and then there is serving the creator.

Jesus’ last prayer to God before his execution was, “Not my will, but yours.”

This takes us back to the very beginning, to the early days of humanity’s story in scripture, to the first moment when humanity realized they had a choice and could serve themselves and not their creator. The first man and woman chose to disobey God. Peace on earth became a momentary thing in history and in creation.

Jesus looked at the city in which he would die and he wept, “If only you knew the things that make for peace.”

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