The Revelation of Jesus

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Learning for Life: Resumes in September 
Worship Service: 10:00 am (during summer)

Bulletin: July 22, 2018

NewsletterSummer 2018

Scriptures: Matthew 24:3-8Psalm 9: The Revelation to John 1:1-18


Rev Joel Russell-MacLean

Story books close with “The End” – as in, it’s finished, it’s over, there’s no more! But “The End” also means we’ve reached our goal; all the events have been fulfilled, all the problems resolved.

For Christians, the story of this world and life itself begins and ends with … a person: Jesus of Nazareth, crucified and then raised from the dead.

Our end is a goal, a destination. The story won’t be over at that point, it will just be getting started.

This is the revelation of Jesus, “I am the beginning and the end. I was dead, and see, I am alive forever. And I have the keys of Death and of Hell.”

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