The Spirit Poured Out On All Flesh

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Bulletin: June 9 Pentecost
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Scriptures: Joel 2.21-29, Psalm 104, Acts 2.1-4


Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean

A violent wind is never a good thing – except for once.

Instead of causing destruction, the violent wind at Pentecost signalled God pouring out the Holy Spirit on all flesh.

We long for God to walk on earth again and for our world to be transformed. At the same time, it seems like most of our ideas of God revealed on earth are terrifying. In fact, the Greek word for “reveal” – apocalypse – for most people now means a time of cataclysmic destruction on earth. I’m reminded of a line from Carl Sagan’s book (and movie) Contact, describing humanity as “capable of such beautiful dreams, and such horrible nightmares.” 

Jesus came and for many people, being with Jesus meant healing and joy and hope.

The Holy Spirit has also come. The Spirit was poured out and it was like springtime in Canada. 

The Spirit is life, joy, and growth, the old world blown away and something new beginning.

Acts is the story of the church under construction. They built worship and community around the joy and new life that arrived when God came to live within them.

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