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Bulletin: January 27, 2019
Newsletter: January 2019

ScripturesRomans 8:1-6Psalm 148:1-6, 102:15-18Luke 6:12-36


Joel Russell-MacLean

Instead of teaching from a mountainside, Jesus came down to a level space in a crowd of people. The crowd was made up of his newly chosen disciples and all sorts of other people. Jesus provided an inaugural address to this group that would lead the early church.

What was this new group all about? What set them apart from other groups? What activities were they to focus on day by day? Are churches today still characterized by Jesus’ words?

After Jesus called the disciples, but just before he began to teach, Luke squeezed in a noted that Jesus cleaned and healed people. Luke was not adding an interesting footnote. Luke was carefully connecting physical healing and spiritual cleansing with Jesus’ teaching. Jesus’ very words, his teaching also heals and cleans: “for power came out from him and healed all of them”.

Pay attention as you read the Gospels. Jesus’ very words can affect us for good in surprising ways. Has Jesus ever spoken straight to your heart?

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