My Enemy, My Brother

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Bulletin: July 14
Newsletter: June 2019 Newsletter

Scriptures: Psalm 27; Acts 19.1-19


Joel Russell-MacLean

Conversion on the Way to Damascus, Caravaggio

“Brother”, Ananias said to his enemy Paul. And immediately, Paul was healed. Immediately, Paul could see.

When Jesus initially asked Ananias to go to Paul, Ananias objected. “Lord, I have heard from many about this man, how much evil he has done,” Ananias complained.

Ananias could not see any hope for Paul.

Jesus could see and that was enough for Ananias.

With great courage, Ananias entered the house of a man who had murdered and arrested other Christians. His first word to his enemy, to the man who had done evil, was “brother.”

Forgiving, healing, and seeing clearly, are blended together in the story of Paul and Ananias. Both men are transformed by God’s mercy.

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