A Life Well-Lived

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Bulletin: February 10, 2019
Newsletter: February 2019

Scriptures: Psalm 97:1-6; Romans 8:18-23; Luke 7:1-10;


Rev. John Nelson

This powerful text from the Gospel of Luke is primarily dealing with the theme of discipleship- how to live a good life according to the teachings of Jesus. This passage also reveals the healing power of Jesus. The central characters in this amazing story are a Gentile (possibly a Roman centurion [a captain] in the employment of Herod Antipes), the centurion’s much loved and dying servant, the Jewish people, and of course, our Lord Jesus.

This centurion portrays a life well-lived that clearly demonstrates the core teaching of Jesus.
What qualities of this centurion’s life gained the Jewish peoples’ respect? How did this respect assist the centurion in his concern for his dying servant? Here are hints of four key characteristics of this centurion’s life that gained the respect of the Jewish people, and amazed and marveled Jesus:

  • L_ _ _E for God and others;
  • possessed an active and vibrant F_ _ TH;
  • he possessed a H_ _ BLE spirit;
  • possessed great C_ _ F_ D_ _ CE and C_RT_ _ NTY in Jesus.

Many lives were changed that day due to the action of the Jewish elders, the centurion, his friends, and our Lord Jesus. The dying slave was powerless…at the mercy of others. Thankfully for the life well-lived of his master, the outcome of this story for the slave was miraculous. Through this story we also understand that we can call upon the name of Jesus at any time, for any one, no matter wherever they might be in the world, and pray for their salvation, their healing and their wholeness. “The POWER behind you is GREATER than the CHALLENGE ahead.”

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