Jesus: Light and Hope For Those In Exile

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Bulletin: November 25, 2018

Newsletter: November 2018

ScripturesPsalm 79The Book of Lamentations


Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean

The nation of Judah was defeated. Its major cities were invaded, its land devastated. Judah’s capital Jerusalem was sacked, looted torn apart, and burned. Its citizens were starved, raped, enslaved, murdered, or left behind in the ashes, shattered and in utter poverty.

Five poem-prayers have been preserved from this event in the book of Lamentations. The loss and grief they depict is heart rending.

The poems could have been written today. It might as well be describing the pain of the Indigenous peoples of the world, of Syria, or Yemen, or of the fire-razed towns of California.

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