Raised from the Dead, Raised into Heaven

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Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean

The entrance to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Jesus is God’s means of preserving and renewing humanity and all creation.

The remote arctic island of Svalbard, Norway is the location of a seed bank with nearly one million seeds from around the world. The seeds of crops and other plants are preserved there, frozen in an old mine. Should a plant become scarce or disappear, they can be restored from the Nordic Seed Bank.

When Jesus ascended into heaven, he went into heaven as a physical, resurrected person. Humanity is being preserved in heaven until the day that Jesus returns to set all things right.

The seeds lay dormant in the bank, frozen originals, waiting passively until they are needed. Christ, however, is not passive or inactive. He is not simply waiting until he is needed.

Christ is alive and active to this day in our world to this day.

Jesus is the conduit of divine life and goodness to the world, allowing history to unfold. With his bride, the church, he unites creation and heaven. 

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