Jesus is Coming to You

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Bulletin: December 9, 2018
Newsletter: December 2018

Scripture readingsMalachi 3:3-51 Cor 6:19Matthew 21:1-13


Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean

Second Sunday of Advent – Peace

When you are waiting for something with anticipation, it can seem to take forever to finally happen. And then – suddenly – the moment arrives.

It is strange that something long anticipated could happen “suddenly” but that is how it can feel, especially something dramatic and significant: a major accomplishment, a big move, a wedding, a child’s birth, or even Christmas.

Three hundred or more years before Jesus was born, one of the Jewish prophets described, “The Lord, suddenly coming to the temple”. Centuries passed, but then indeed Jesus “suddenly” came. This was dramatic and significant: it changed the course of history. It wasn’t all easy and happy. Jesus came to deal with real problems.

How many people consciously or unconsciously have ever wanted to hear from God? Years and decades can go by for a person waiting for God.

For most of us, God works gradually into our lives, bit by bit becoming more and more important to us and changing our hearts and minds over time.

Advent encourages something more “sudden” to take place. Jesus is here, ready to enter our lives. He comes to deal with the things in our lives that no longer belong and to live with us to the end.