Inviting Others for Dinner, the Jesus Way

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Bulletin: March 24
NewsletterMarch 2019

ScripturesPsalm 19.7-10Colossians 3.1-10; Luke 14.15-24


Joel Russell-MacLean

Pieter Bruegel, “The Peasant Wedding”

How often are we eating meals together around a dinner table? How often do we include guests?
Eating with others was important to Jesus.
Jesus’ used meals as a time of healing and teaching. What is more, Jesus intentionally created a new community around meals. He brought together people who would never otherwise associate with each other. Read through “Luke” and “Acts” in the New Testament and notice how often Luke focuses the story or teaching around meals.
At one of these meals, Jesus told the story of a host who instructed his servants:
“Go out and compel people to come in, so that my house may be filled.”
They went out into the streets, inviting whoever they found. Would you try that in your neighbourhood? Inviting our peers and friends into our home is a much more comfortable plan.
Jesus’ vision of a new family made up of people of all kinds is too compelling to ever be forgotten. Some people keep this practice alive. When we make meals with others a priority, we are extending the church into our homes and into our lives beyond Sunday.


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