His Second Advent

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Bulletin: July 29, 2018

NewsletterSummer 2018

Scriptures: Psalm 148; Revelation 19:1-21;

Rev. John Nelson

Let’s CELEBRATE Christmas in July! No doubt your response is, “Christmas in July? What a wonderful idea?”
No? I agree. Although this would be a little unusual, many retailers seem to plant the seed of the “coming” of Christmas earlier and earlier each year. What better way to stimulate a sluggish economy than by celebrating the “coming” of Christmas. One retailer’s slogan was, “Celebrate Yuletide at the pool side.”

In many ways Revelation 19 is often used at Advent as a celebration passage, linking Advent which means “coming”, with Jesus Second Coming. Traditionally we observe Advent in December, a time when we celebrate the coming of a babe, Jesus Christ. Did you know that this was Jesus’ FIRST COMING into this world? However, as the old gospel hymn says, “Jesus is Coming Again”- The Second Coming! At the beginning of this tradition many remembered and celebrated the Second Coming more than the first. Sadly though, many today celebrate Christ’s First Advent, but conveniently have forgotten about His Second Coming. This forgetfulness results in missing out on Revelation 19 vivid imageries: of praise to, and worship of God by those who love Him, the judgment of the wicked and the wedding of the Lamb and his bride- the church, and Jesus Second Coming.

Come and hear how exciting, grand and glorious Jesus Second Coming will be! Sunday, July 29 at 10:00 a.m., YOU are invited to join our congregation in the singing of, “The King is Coming”, “Jesus is Coming Again”, and yes, a Christmas carol- “Joy to the World the Lord is come”. Come, let’s celebrate His Second Coming!

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