Good Luck or God’s Favour?

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Bulletin: October 7, 2018

NewsletterOctober 2018

Scripture: Psalm 67Ruth 2:1-23Matthew 6:25-33


Rev. John Nelson

The Bible reveals many stories of several people woven together in such a way as to make them inseparable.

What is shared many times reveals more about their relationship than what we learn about them as individuals. Ruth 2: 1-23 reveals a beautiful example of this `blending of lives` between Naomi and Ruth. What do we learn from the relationship between a mother-in-law (Naomi) and a daughter-in-law (Ruth). This relationship could present more opportunities for tension as for tenderness. However, Naomi`s and Ruth`s relationship reflects just the opposite.

God was at the centre of their intimate relationship.

Their relationship reveals numerous life lessons for us today: how to face a test of character; how to build a good reputation; being thankful as you do more than the minimum for others; understanding how God is working in your life; and so much more. A very important life lesson learned from this passage of scripture, that when God grants us His favor, we should return to Him with THANKSGIVING and GRATITUDE on our hearts.

The story of Naomi and Ruth is a wonderful example revealing to us that the events in our life journey do not occur by luck, chance, or coincidence. Their story reveals the need for us to seek out opportunities, signs of God`s favor. We need to embrace the living God who takes delight in granting us His grace and favor to His faithful children. What would you prefer to base your life on, “Good Luck or God`s Favor“…
The choice is yours, but choose wisely.

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