God’s Loving Loyalty to All Creation

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Bulletin: October 27

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Scriptures: Jonah


Joel Russell-MacLean

Jonah is medicine for us whenever we are infected with doubt in God’s mercy. Medicine can be a mix of sweet and bitter tastes.

The sweetness is the great story. It is a story for people with short attention spans! The action begins right away and pulls us down into unforgettable events. It is also wonderful to read a story about God pursuing someone, preserving someone, and saving someone from the bottom of the worst problems.

The harsh tang that catches in our throat is the abrupt and direct message to Jonah. While God is  indeed concerned about Jonah, his safety, and his wellbeing, God is also concerned about people known for their evil and cruel behaviour.

God’s mercy extends to everyone – even people written off by others.

Jonah is pushed to acknowledge that God’s prerogative is to show mercy to all. Jonah is also pushed to face his own hard heartedness, even after being saved himself by God’s mercy from a fate of his own making.

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