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Bulletin: February 17, 2019
Newsletter: February 2019

ScripturesPsalm 99Romans 12:3-10Luke 8:1-15


Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean

A paved alley runs the length of my backyard. There is a gate that leads into the alley and the ground around the gate is packed down and hard from years of us walking on it. We also have a little vegetable garden that runs down the side of our yard along the alley.

Now, it has never occurred to me to plant any seeds in the hard ground at the gate. I can’t imagine what would possibly motivate me to scatter seeds on the pavement. We do however plant seeds in the garden. Call me stingy and calculating.

How about the creator of heaven and earth? How cautious is God when it comes to planting seeds? How calculating was Jesus when it came to healing and teaching?

Jesus scattered God’s word and God’s blessing widely and freely. In the end, Jesus himself became a seed in the earth for all humanity and all creation.

If God is so free with love and blessing, what kind lives should Jesus’ disciples live?

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