Forgive and You Will Be Forgiven

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Bulletin: February 3, 2019
Newsletter: February 2019

Scriptures: Romans 8:12-17Psalm 102Luke 6:37-49


Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean

There are a number of tasty fruit trees and shrubs that do well here in Regina. We have plums, cherries, and saskatoons in our yard. Some years they produce so much fruit that we can’t keep up or give enough away. They are healthy and watered, fed, and pruned.

If you want lots of good fruit, a healthy tree is what you focus on. If you have only bad fruit, there is no point in going to a garden centre and asking what can be done for this years’ crop. It is probably too late by that point. You must get to work on caring for the tree itself to see good fruit in the coming years.

Jesus talked about healthy trees producing fruit as a metaphor for healthy people producing forgiveness and love. If listening to Jesus makes us want to become more loving in some way, in forgiving others, the thing to consider is how we become healthier. And health comes from drawing close to Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit.

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