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Bulletin: March 3, 2019
NewsletterMarch 2019

Scriptures: Psalm 44; Galatians 2.20; Luke 18.28-43


Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean

Looking down the road, how will our love respond to suffering?

Sometimes following Jesus means beauty, joy, and signs of God’s presence and goodness. We are healed and helped by God’s wisdom; we experience such a change in life and new freedom.

“Follow me”, Jesus says.


But then, as we walk along, we ask Jesus, “So where are we going?”

“We are going up to Jerusalem. I will be mocked and insulted and spat upon. After they flogged me, they will kill me…”


For love, Jesus went to the cross: love of you, of others, and of our world.

For love, his friends and disciples followed him.

What about us?

This Wednesday, we begin the journey of Lent to the cross.

Perhaps marketing and entertainment, prosperity and the success of medical science, shape us to unconsciously expect everything to work out in life. When things go poorly, when bad news keeps coming, it is hard work to keep going.

We remind ourselves that things don’t always work out. There is suffering and pain in life.

Will God’s love for us help us to keep going? Will our love for God draw us onward?

This much we can be sure of: God will never abandon us.

As we prepare for Lent, we remind ourselves that love is essential for the journey.

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