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Bulletin: May 26 Easter 6
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Scriptures: Isaiah 65.17-25; Psalm 22; Luke 10.1-12


Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean

Have you ever had a guest join you for a meal only to have them spend the entire time offering their advice on everything? How the food should have been cooked, how the room should be arranged, how your life should be organized… 

A guest is also someone invited in, not a person who forces their way in.

Why all this talk about how guests behave?

When Jesus sends people to evangelize and heal, he sends them as guests.

This puts a different spin on evangelism. Does Jesus mean Christians must have an invitation into people’s lives? Does Jesus mean a Christian must in fact depend on the help of those they expect to bless? It sounds like Jesus expects healing and teaching to take place within relationships, around eating and drinking together. 

The thanksgiving meal the church celebrates, affects the meals we have in our homes with other Christians, which affects the meals with share with folks outside the church. At the heart of all these relationships is Jesus. 

Do you see yourself as a guest in other people’s lives?


Listen to David Fitch argue from Luke 10.1-12 that ‘presence’ comes before ‘presenting’ the gospel.

“Faithful Presence” by David Fitch

For a inspiring story about the transformative power of entering into relationships as a guest, read the story of Daryl Davis, a black man who has befriended many members of the KKK:

The netflix documentary: Accidental Courtesy

“Dancing With the Devil”, The Washington Post, Sunday, July 5, 1998

Daryl Davis radio interview

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