Do Not Be Faithless

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Scriptures: Malachi 2, 3; Psalm 106:35-38; Mark 13.1-8


Joel Russell-MacLean

Marriage is a promise, a covenant created and lived out with love.

Married couples do go through times when all of the words exchanged and all of the things being done seem to come more from routine and duty and less from love. Hearts can harden in these times, frustrations build up. How profoundly hurtful and lonely to feel you are not loved by the person who married you. Or how draining to fear you no longer love the person you married.

At its most destructive, a marriage can end up with one or both of the spouses openly violating their promises with abuse, lies, or adultery.

Spouses are exposed and vulnerable in a marriage.

It is shocking therefore that the minor prophets reflected upon human marriages to understand God’s relationship with people.

Would God really make himself that vulnerable?

The prophets studied the Torah, they reflected on what they themselves had seen and heard of God, and they concluded that God’s relationship with people was like a marriage.

God loved Israel and made marriage vows, a covenant, with them. The law was meant to arise out of love. Instead, the people broke the covenant, they manipulated the vows, they looked for other gods. Their failure to keep promises made to each other was equally a failure to keep their promise to God.

“Remember your love as it was in the beginning”, Malachi pleaded.

This is the love out of which we care for one another and keep our promises. Ultimately, it is the love God has for us.

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