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Bulletin: June 30
Newsletter: June 2019 Newsletter

Scriptures: I Kings 17:8-16, Psalm 133, Acts 4:1-4, 23-37


Rev. Kayely Rich

We begin today’s story in last week’s Scripture reading. Peter had just healed a crippled beggar. As others saw the beggar walking for the first time in his life they were amazed and gathered around Peter and John. Seizing the opportunity, Peter began to preach, pointing the crowds to Jesus as the one who healed the man. In response, the temple leaders were not happy about this healing or the preaching of Jesus so they arrested Peter and John. 

The leaders couldn’t deny that this man had indeed been healed, but they threatened Peter and John then demanded they stop using the name of Jesus. After this, they released Peter and John who immediately went back to meet with the other church leaders.

The early church now had an important decision to make. How would they respond to the threats by the authorities?

As we live in a culture that is increasingly closed off to Christ in a number of ways, this early church story can also inform our prayers and our actions as a church today. What will you take from this story?

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