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Bulletin: February 24, 2019
NewsletterFebruary 2019

ScripturesPsalm 91Romans 12:12-21Luke 11:1-13


Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean


The Angelus by Jean-François Millet


“‘Give me, give me’ never gets – don’t you know you manners yet?”

Did you ever hear this little song? It was a playground taunt we used when I was young whenever someone was demanding to be given something we had. Of course, we all knew what it was like to want something so much we just had to have it.

We choose either to grab, manipulate, fight, or harass, or to simply and honestly ask.

Which one of those strategies leads to good relationships?

The prayer Jesus taught people, called both the “Our Father…” or “The Lord’s Prayer”, can be read as four, straight-up requests:

Give us your kingdom and rule on earth
Give us bread from day to day
Give us forgiveness
Give us deliverance

There’s no negotiating, begging, manipulation, or threats here – but it is a list of needs.

Jesus taught us to come to the Creator and to simply and honestly ask.

Jesus’ promise? A close relationship with our Father, and the Holy Spirit drawing close to us.

Sometimes, however, I think I would prefer magic over prayer.

The student witches and wizards in the Harry Potter movies and books just have to say the right words and go through the right motions and then they get what they asked for, like in this clip from the first movie.

Should prayer be more like magic? The right amount of faith, the right idea, the right words, the right number of people and then we get what we ask for? Do we want that much control?

Instead of magic, can we trust God? Is knowing God worth the uncertainty and the waiting involved in simply asking and trusting?

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