I Will Wait for God Who Hears Me

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Scriptures: Micah 7.1-7, Psalm 37, Matthew 13.24-30


Joel Russell-MacLean

Micah had lived a long life. Three kings in Jerusalem had come and gone. The Assyrian Empire had grown rapidly from having local influence to having direct control over the entire Middle East. Jerusalem was an island of relative independence surrounded by a sea of Assyrian military power. It had grown with the influx of refugees. Assyria had invaded Judah as well, besieged Jerusalem, but miraculously, the armies left Judah without the usual victory. God had saved Judah.

King Hezekiah had brought moral reform to Judah and had often listened to the prophets. But now Hezekiah was gone, Manasseh was King and things were deteriorating quickly.

Only a few years later, no one seemed to care what God had done. No one was paying attention to the prophets or worrying about right and wrong.

One would understand if Micah had became disillusioned and indifferent. Instead, Micah had hope:

“As for me, I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me.”

Perhaps you can identify with Micah and are distressed as you look at our government or at our culture. Are you able to see all that is going wrong, and yet have hope that God will rebuild and restore the world? Are you able to believe that God will forgive? 

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