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Scriptures: Psalm 33.12-22; Acts 20.16-28


Dell Bornowsky

The Grotto of Saint Paul in Ephesus

The Grotto of Saint Paul in Ephesus

As the Gospel spreads and churches grow throughout Asia Minor, Paul leaves Ephesus where he has been pastoring for about 3 years and travels through Greece and Macedonia visiting churches there.  Then in a bit of a rush to get to Jerusalem in time for Pentecost he stops at Miletus long enough to give a farewell address to his fellow elders from the Ephesus church.

Paul summarizes his ministry with them, and speaks of his continued commitment to give his life in order to fulfil the ministry he received Jesus.  Indeed prophetic predictions have been foretelling that imprisonment and persecutions await him in Jerusalem.

Paul reminds the elders that the Holy Spirit has given them responsibility to shepherd the flock of God’s people.  He warns that others will come with distorted messages and entice disciples to follow them.  He reminds them that just as he was certainly not in the ministry for the money they should follow his example of being blessed by giving rather than just receiving.

What ministries have each of us been given by the Lord Jesus? 

Have we given our lives to the Lord Jesus just in theory or do we, like Paul, experience a daily and deep emotional commitment to the family of God? 

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