The Cost of Relationships

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The Gospel of Mark — How Jesus relates to our lives

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Bulletin: April 7th
Newsletter: April 2019

Scriptures: Psalm 103, 2 Corinthians 4.5-10, Luke 19.1-9


Rev. Joel Russell-MacLean

A number of popular dramas and comedies have been based on riches to rags stories over past few years such as “Arrested Development” or CBC’s “Schitts’ Creek.” (Watch the The Dowager Countess of Grantham confronted by her changing world.) These stories assume that poor and rich are not in communion with each other. Part of the appeal is laughing at those who have fallen.

In a dramatic moment in the gospels, Jesus met Zacchaeus, one of the despised and wealthy tax collectors. To the shock and even disgust of the crowd, Jesus announced that he would eat at Zacchaeus’ home. Eating at Zacchaeus home meant an offer of new relationships.

Meeting Jesus changed Zaccheus.

Zacchaeus responded to Jesus’ offer of friendship by vowing to make restitution. He would repay anyone he had wronged financially as well as reduce the disparity between his wealth and that of his neighbours’ through charity. He was taking steps to be reconciled to his neighbours.

Jesus often told stories about social upheaval and created teaching moments about dramatic social reversals. The goal was not to laugh at anyone or to enjoy the suffering of others. As with Zacchaeus, Jesus was actually creating a new community and uniting people normally divided.

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