New Friends in Christ

Need and Opportunity

Many people at First Baptist Church come other countries, or other cultures within our own country. Some are Christians. Others are simply looking in, checking out the scene. We hope you find a welcome here.

To you who have decided to stay, we say “thank you for joining with us, for making our world so much richer.”

Some have come from difficult circumstances, even life-and-death circumstances. To those people we say “welcome, take rest here, lean on our shoulders until you have strength for yourself.”

As the need and opportunity arise we provide English As Second Language classes on Sunday mornings. We can also provide rides to church, clothes, furniture, advice, comfort and friendship.

It has been our joy to strengthen and establish new believers in their faith.

One group of our New Friends in Christ – the Karen refugees – have grown so large and healthy that they now comprise their own group – the First Karen Baptist Church.


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