Hospital Visits

Being in hospital can be a stressful time – for the patient, as well as family and friends. But just because you are in hospital does not mean you are forgotten by your church family! Our pastors will visit, if you wish, to pray with you, talk and give support. Please keep the following points in mind:


It is VERY important, to notify the church office and/or one of the pastors if you are hospitalized, or anticipating a hospitalization. The patient lists available to clergy at hospitals are not always completely current. With three hospitals, multiple nursing homes and various other health care facilities in Regina, our pastors can not go to each location regularly to “check the list.”

Privacy and Dignity

Your privacy and dignity while in hospital is important. Our pastors and staff make every reasonable effort to avoid letting anyone – besides other church staff – know that you are in hospital unless you tell us this is OK. (This also means we do not pray for you by name from the pulpit during Sunday Worship, unless we have permission.)

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