Make a Difference — Get Involved

Many Ways

There are numerous ways to get involved, in Regina and beyond.

  • Provide finances to allow on-field personnel to do their jobs without restriction.
  • Volunteer to become a staff person; or come along side to assist a staff person.
  • Become involved in a short-term mission.
  • Enable/empower others to do ministry. There are many opportunities for teachers in ESL, trades and specialized professions. Mentor others who have basic skills but need a little guidance.
  • Pray. One is struck by the number of times Paul the Apostle asks for prayers that he might continue with strength and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. All of us can provide prayer support.

Many Locations

Looking for opportunities? Start your search in Regina and Saskatchewan, and expand your horizons to the world.

All of us are called to be witnesses. All of us are called to live as salt and light in our world.

Who to Contact

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