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A Place to Belong

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The goal of the Place to Belong section is to show that Christ, and by extension FBC, fills one of the great God-sized voids in life — the need to belong.

Note that this is NOT the place to give details of the various FBC programs. That happens in Get Connected | Ministries and Events. Rather the present location is meant to show the life of the church in action. Individuals talk about the impact that new life in Christ and involvement with this particular group has had on their personal and spiritual lives.


Belonging to a group provides an opportunity to belong to each other. This belonging provides a pathway for mutual support, accountability, correction and encouragement. This is the essence of community.

This is a blockquote from the article. Short quotes lead readers into the article. Include a quote that summarizes the sense of belonging that comes from being involved with this group.

The groups in “Place to Belong” are different that the “Folks at First” section. The groups do not have archived articles, although the testimonials will change from time-to-time.


The article should not be written by the leader of the group, but by someone who is largely impacted by it. The article should start out with a one or two-sentence explanation of what the group is all about. Use the first person voice.

Talk about activities and aspects of belonging that would interest others. The writer should identify how he/she personally benefited from being involved. Also how the church, and the larger community benefits. Submissions should include photos if possible — at least a couple activity photos. Submissions should be 300-500 words in length.

Writing for the web

People read web pages differently than book pages. So we need to adjust our writing style.

  • Shorter is better. Use compact concise sentences, maximum 8-12 words. Choose words that have maximum impact. Think sports cars — small size, big thrill.
  • Highlight words that are important. Use visual cues in text — bold, italic, quotation marks, dashes. Include photos, block-quotes, headings, sub-headings, bulleted or numbered lists, colour.
  • Total article should be 1½ – 3 screens in length.
  • Use familiar language, not technical or cultural-specific lingo.
  • Use the inverted pyramid writing style. Present the most important messages first — including your conclusion — and put the rest of the information below.
  • Use active voice over passive voice. Write in second person rather than first person. Visitors will abandon sluggish content in a snap.
  • Provide opportunities to dig deeper. Link to relevant information, don’t make your readers search. For examples, see the article in “Make a Difference > Karen Church” or the front page Sunday Lesson.
  • Speak in a humble tone about this person’s life. Focus on what FBC and the wider community gained from this person’s life, rather than on what was achieved.
  • Note that submissions may be edited for spelling, grammar and content. FBC has final say as to content and wording.
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