Conversations on “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins

God Under the Microscope

Join Dr. Mark Mckim as he leads discussions on objections to religious belief raised by Dawkins, a prominent biologist and atheist. Dr. McKim will frame these dialogues with questions of his own on the nature of humanity and life and the failures and successes of the Christian church.

Four sessions

1. Christianity’s DNA – Feb 8, 7:30 pm
2. How Do We Know Stuff? – Feb 15, 7:30 pm
3. Does God Exist? – Feb 22, 7:30 pm
4. God Under the Microscope – Feb 29, 7:30 pm

Location: Bushwakker, 2206 Dewdney Avenue, Arizona room.

Who is Richard Dawkins?

Richard Dawkins is a prominent British ethologist and evolutionary biologist. He is also an outspoken atheist and critic of all religion, especially Christianity. His opposition to religion is twofold, claiming it is both a source of violent conflict and a belief without evidence. Dawkins has especially risen to prominence in contemporary public debates relating science and religion since the publication of his 2006 book “The God Delusion.”

Why are we sponsoring these Conversations?

Dawkins is the most recognizable spokesperson for the movement called “The New Atheism.” His book “The God Delusion” has sold over 2 million copies in English, sold extremely well in translation, and remained a Best Seller for almost a year. We believe it is part of our responsibility as followers of Jesus Christ, and consistent with the gifts we have to offer at FBC, to engage with our culture thoughtfully, to raise questions and ideas from a Christian perspective, and to respond – respectfully, calmly and intelligently – to honest questions and criticisms of the Christian faith.

Why are we having this event off site?

We wish to hold the “Faith and Culture” talks in familiar public spaces, commonly used for conversation and learning, such as libraries, coffee shops, or even pubs! We are following Jesus’ model. He went to the city streets, the fields, workplaces, parties – and met people where they were, intellectually and spiritually.

What Format will these Discussions take?

Each evening session will focus on one particular theme in The God Delusion. Dr. McKim will introduce the theme, respond to Dawkins for about 15-25 minutes, and then open things up for discussion from those attending in a “back and forth” conversation.

The model we have in mind is that of the “philosophy café” – this is NOT a time or place for people to come and simply make “statements”, particularly angry or heated ones! Our desire is to host mutually engaging and respectful conversations to everyone’s benefit.

As with “The Rembrandt Code”, quality posters of various sizes will be made and sent out. Watch for them after Christmas! Please be in prayer for this opportunity.

Personal Preparation

Mr. Dawkins is a challenging thinker and raises important issues for our consideration. Please explore some of his perspectives by following these links:

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